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Have you really considered all you could gain from volunteering? Below is a sample taken from interviews with volunteers of things they said they gained. Also read our article “The Sharing Cycle,” below.

  1. Networking and friendships
  2. An expanded resume
  3. Leadership experience
  4. Management skills
  5. Status and recognition
  6. A chance to have an impact
  7. Satisfaction and sense of purpose
  8. Challenges
  9. Personal growth
  10. Life experience I couldn’t have gotten any other way
  11. Family values
  12. Community pride
  13. A chance to explore a new career
  14. A chance to help kids
  15. Fun working with others

Here’s a short list of organizations to get you started:

The sharing cycle

Adding your effort together with others can make everyone’s lives better

While you may find immediate gains (such as protecting yours and others homes in a neighborhood watch), the fact is most everyone can use a little assistance at some point in their lives.

We all get older, have health problems sometimes, or may experience a variety of setbacks from time to time. So today you offer assistance, and tomorrow you receive it. Isn’t it wonderful your giving can come back “recycled” as receiving later?

The bottom line: Wanting to help others IS important, but it’s also OK to want more for yourself from volunteering.

Realize also that your motivation to help today may not be the reason why you keep helping: It’s a compelling experience when your talents are appreciated because your accomplishments are making a difference in people’s lives – there’s nothing else quite like it.

For example, during the 1998 Paint-A-Thon an ADC volunteer noted that “An elderly couple were both waiting to be released from the hospital while we painted their house.”

Imagine these were people you knew and cared about. Wouldn’t it feel great knowing a group of people was helping them if you couldn’t be there? And wouldn’t you feel good knowing that people would be there if you needed help?

Become part of the sharing cycle, and find out where you can make a difference in our community.

Discover how your skills and talents can benefit others, and search for volunteer activities which match your interests, availability, and geographic preferences.